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26 July 2005 @ 11:29 am
lalala second issue of chameleon sighs  

P.3-5      Beautiful Dead Flowers
P.6         Glamour Bombing
P.7-9      Magick Meditation
P.10       the lasting secret pain of Dereliction
P.11        My artworks with fairies***
P.12-13 Interview of a creative being : Wingleam
P.14-15  Dictionnary of the flower E to L
P. 16-17 Metaphorical stories
P18        Away from the cutting    
P.19       Soothing Path ( list of things that make me feel apeased)
P.20       Lyrics by Cat Power
P.21       Inspirationnal quotes (found here and there)
P.22       Beyond words
P.23       Poems of mine
mail me at lonelybliss@gmail with chameleon sighs or zine in the title if you are interested
payment via paypal at lonelyangelene@yahoo.fr
price: 1,50 € + shipping cost ( depends on your country( I am from France)
I might accept some kind of trade for your zine or for anything creative handmade stuff...but I am difficult ;)
(cover and back in color and the rest in black & white)
for more details just ask :)
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catchnteardrops on July 26th, 2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
Re: thanks for adding me:)
Surprise me!