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17 November 2005 @ 04:28 pm
last issue for the moment  

so issue 4 is finally ready and let's be honest I am not completely satisfied with it.

- the internet addict
-unsent letter of mine
-old poems of mine translated in English ( so be indulgent for the mistakes)" as if I were in a star..." " kill me", " siva" and "the fairies of agonies"
-Extract of the katha upanishad
-Sum up of Witch Duty
-The language flowers and what they mean
-review and extract of the most recent book that blows my soul and made me cried a lot of times
-interview of a creative fairy named Silvia Lugli who paints wonderful winged creatures
-the same old silly bitches dance ( my anger about the vacuity , pathetic shallowness and immaturity of some chicks)
-Interview of a real great singer ,songwriter,artist, model wow she's everything she can do everything;D Edit Pijpers aka Edie
I  adore the way she answered my question, beside being a singer I really love she sounds like a nice human being to be known!and to be heard!
-through and beyond words
-the nobody interview, yes it's been a while I wanted to do that again- alaways fascinating to come across a soul and see how you can relate to them)
-some quotes that touch me a lot
-violence made in France, I wanted to talk a little about what's going on in my country...
 and a little more...
price : 1,50 € plus postage and paypal fee

more info just ask!
No trade at the moment no comment :)
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danniangel on January 29th, 2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
Helene, dear, I'm trying to find you! I saw you deleted your 1 LJ, and I dont' remember which email address is the current one! Please drop me a line at Dannibat34 at yahoo.com to let me know you're ok!

Love, Danni