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02 July 2005 @ 05:05 pm
First issue of the zine*** in June 2005  

P.4-5 Intro: Poetic trip (Baudelaire)
P.6-9 Metaphorical short stories written by me
P.10-11 Flower Dictionnary( sum up of what I found on internet)A to D
P.12-13 Interview of a creative being (self taugh French vintage collage artist=>me)
P.14-15 Soothing path ( breathing technique and sort of yoga intro)
P.16-17 One of my livejournal entry, a moment of awareness
P.18 La metta (loving-kindness prayer) something I worship, my life path
P.19 Draw me a sheep if you please? ( my collection of sheep from the whole world)
P.20 The Nobody Interview ( my way to re-link my soul to humanity)
P.21 Inspirationnal quotes (found here and there)
P.22 Beyond words
P.23 Utro : my gratitude towards the muses and fairies

As I have said the cover and back will be in color and the rest in black and white, the price will be 1,50€ so(it is 1,80$)+ the postage
Email me to order a copy if you are interested and I'll let you know the total price!
payment via paypal( it's very secure)
if it's a problem for you,we might find a way to make a trade for it perhaps?...it depends what you have to trade:)
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